Kian Tansley’s Maiden City Soccer Academy development loan

To many supporters, the name Kian Tansley may ring a bell. Having been at the club since the age of eight years old, some would say he’s a Spireite through and through.

Tansley is a very talented player. To gain experience, however, some of the youngsters at the Technique Stadium are sent out on development loans at clubs that Chesterfield are forging connections with.

Here is when Chesterfield’s new relationship with Northern Ireland’s Maiden City comes into play.

Over a week ago, Tansley was loaned out to Maiden City Soccer Academy with the hope he would gain new experiences and bring them back to Derbyshire with him.

The midfielder had this to say about the development loan: “I’ve been at Chesterfield since I was eight years old, so it’s coming up to 11 years at the club. I’ve enjoyed myself at Chesterfield, but I felt a change was needed.

“I needed a change of environment. At Chesterfield, I was just playing the same teams every week. These different experiences will help develop me as a player – that’s why I wanted the change.

“It’s so much more physical at Maiden City, they pass more and develop the play, building their way up the pitch. 

“The main difference has to be the physicality, playing in a league of men. It’s aiding me in building up strength, which I know I need.

“Since I’ve been here, it’s been unbelievable. All the managers, the staff and the players have made me feel welcome. I’ve already made a few friends, which is always a good feeling.

“They’ve taken care of me so much, especially the woman I’m staying with me who cooks me delicious meals and looks out for me.

“I train four days a week, go to the gym three days a week, recover for two days and then have a day for me. It’s all positive so far.”

Tansley has high hopes for his future and has already begun to develop in different areas of his game.

“I want to get bigger and stronger and want to be able to spend more time in the gym,” he said.

“Transitioning is one of the biggest aspects of my game that I need to work on. Technically, I’m okay but hopefully Maiden City can help me work on the other parts.

“I have double the amount of training sessions than I did in Chesterfield, so it has given me a chance to work on different skills and areas of my game.

“Hopefully, I take all of these lessons on board when I come back to Chesterfield and there’s a difference between the old me and new me.

“My big ambitions, if I train well and play well, is to get trials at the top clubs in Northern Ireland – that’s my big aim. Hopefully, if I come back to England, I can do well there, too.”