Spectators’ Code of Conduct

In order to assist our staff and stewards, and to help protect you and your fellow spectators, you must
follow these requirements, at all times and in all parts of the ground. We all want the club to able to
play games with you attending but it is vital that you observe this Code as otherwise this could be put
at risk for future games.

• Please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your social or
support bubble.

• If you are attending with other members of your social or support bubble, please make sure
they have read and understood these guidelines too.

• Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary entry procedures.

• Make sure, in advance, that you know where your entry point is, and, if an entry time is
specified on your ticket, be there on time.

• Face coverings (masks) must always be worn inside the stadium, even whilst seated, unless
you have a valid medical reason for not doing so.

• Be aware that all payments inside the ground are contactless and no cash payments will be

• If you need to access any of the ground’s amenities, such as toilets, food and drink outlets, or
concessions, check to see if any of them are not in use, and plan accordingly. It will help if
people only use the toilets in the ground if they need to do so as access to the toilets will be
strictly controlled and so you may have to queue for some time.

• Remain in your seat or place at all times whenever possible.

• If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gangway is clear and
always follow the signs or arrows, indicating which way to go.

• If you are in a seated area, when moving past other spectators, to and from your seat, please
avoid face to face contact with other spectators.

• If you are on the concourses, please stay within your social or support bubble, and remain
aware of the movements of others at all times.

• Maintain good hand hygiene – use the sanitiser dispensers provided and avoid touching your
face whenever possible.

• Please observe respiratory etiquette – always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.

• Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with people who are not within your social or
support bubble. Take extreme care when shouting, singing or celebrating.

• Avoid, where possible, bringing rucksacks or bags into the stadium. This will help a more
efficient entry through the turnstiles, thus reducing the need for bags to be searched, in line
with counterterrorism measures.

• Follow movement protocols and procedures in and around the stadium.

• Do not congregate on the stadium footprint, prior to entering the stadium.

• Do not congregate on stairwells or pitch side gangways.

Failure to comply with items set out in the above will lead to the ticket holder being banned from
the stadium whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place and may lead to the Club not being allowed to
admit spectators to future matches.

Further information

No TVs will be screened on the concourses.

No alcohol will be on sale on the concourses.

Smoking breaks will be permitted at half time (subject to final approval).

No congregating on the concourses. Once food or drink has been purchased, spectators will be asked
to return to their seats.

Thank you for your support and co-operation. Stay alert. Stay safe. Help us all – your fellow fans,
your club, your sport, your community.

Information subject to change

September 2020       E&OE