Spire Lotto offers Spireites supporters the chance to win prizes of up to £10,000!

Those taking part will be allocated four numbers and £500 will be added to the jackpot prize fund on a weekly basis. The jackpot will be won by anyone whose four numbers match the four drawn.

If the four numbers are not matched, the prize fund will rollover to the following week. If the prize fund reaches £10,000 and nobody has matched the four numbers drawn, continuous draws will be made until a winner is found.

Each week, £500 will be divided between those with three numbers out of the four drawn and there are also more than 40 other prizes to be won weekly.

It costs just £1 a week to take part in Spire Lotto:

£4.34 Monthly
£13 Quarterly
£26 Half-yearly
£52 Yearly

Additional benefits for those taking part include a *5% discount on season tickets and 5% discount in the Club Superstore (minimum £50 spend).

Payment by Direct Debit is now available – please click here and fill in the details.

Alternatively, please phone 01246 269300 (ext 4153), email lottery@chesterfield-fc.co.uk or call in at the Technique Stadium to collect a form.

Join Spire Lotto online today!