Safety Announcement

Notice to all spectators attending the SMH Group Stadium

As a football club, we are able to operate our stadium only after receiving an Annual Certificate under The Safety at Sports Grounds Act granted by our local Safety Advisory Group. This is a conditional certification and we as a club have to adhere to the conditions that the SAG stipulate.

From the start of this season, the SAG have allowed us to remove the black segregating netting that has been an unsightly feature behind the goals at the front of both the Harold Lilleker & Sons (North) and Motan Colortonic (South) stands. Historically, this netting was put in place to mitigate potential pitch invasions and was a requirement imposed by the SAG following several previous pitch invasions.

We do need the full co-operation of spectators not to invade the pitch at any time, nor congregate in the yellow cross-hatched area in front of the gangways at any time before, during or after a match, unless going to and from the facilities on the concourses. Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to action being taken by the club against individual supporters who transgress.

If you intend to leave a match prior to the final whistle, please do not congregate on these cross-hatched areas or in the vomitories.

The SAG will be monitoring this issue over the coming season and should there be any further occurrences of pitch invasions or the like, it could lead to severe sanctions being imposed on Chesterfield Football Club by the relevant statutory bodies, which we definitely want to avoid.

In addition, in the interests of safety and security of pedestrian supporters, we would want to remind all car owners who park in the stadium car park to please remain in their parking bays for a period of 30 minutes after the final whistle or until instructed to move out by the stewards.

Thank you for your co-operation.