Our new state-of-the-art training facilities in Chesterfield is named after avid fan Erwin Miller, we have been developing this for a number of months to ensure our teams can compete at the highest levels. Our develoment included:

Install Koro Topdrain sandbands @ 0.5m c/c
Spread 50mm 80:20 rootzone carpet
Supply & apply pre-seeding fertiliser
Supply & sow grass seed (RT14/RT140)
Form bunds with arisings and seed on completion
Install automatic irrigation system – single phase 48 pop up sprinklers and 76000 l tank
Independent performance testing prior to handover
Install 160m x 6m ball stop netting
Install 290m Perimeter fencing


To build a successful and sustainable football club that achieves and maintains a presence in the EFL, to become an integral part of the local community and be a source of pride for Chesterfield and North Derbyshire.

  • Chesterfield FC to improve its position in the league structure
  • Financial stability and growth on and off the pitch
  • Grow the fan base by encouraging a sense of ownership of and a lifelong passion for the club by all of our community
  • Develop infrastructure to support a team in the higher divisions of the football league
  • Provide top class local facilities and services for our community to enjoy
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • To support the development of football for all in a safe environment


“Our state of the art facilities are making a real difference to the team and community and would not be possible without some very special companies who continue to support Chesterfield FC in their quest for a better future together.”

John Croot – Chief Executive Chesterfield FC