Appeal to supporters re Motan Colortronic (South) Stand concourse

We are appealing to supporters who purchase food and drink from the concourse in the Motan Colortronic South Stand – please help us to help you.

The increased attendances, coupled with a shortage of staff, has led to larger queues than normal in the build-up to kick-off and at half-time. Subsequently, this means that delays in serving food and drink have been experienced.

It is disappointing to note that staff members working in that area have received some verbal abuse, which will not be tolerated.

The vast majority of supporters using the concourses treat our staff with the level of courtesy and respect expected.

Unfortunately, however, some feel it necessary to take out their frustrations on the staff who are doing their best to serve as quickly as possible.

To reduce the pressure on staff, we urge all supporters to show patience and understanding.