Benefits of new frost covers explained

New frost covers are now in use at the Technique Stadium, following a crowd funding appeal which saw a large slice of the five-figure cost donated by supporters.

Head groundsman Liam Reynolds is delighted with the covers, having previously been forced to use ill-fitting covers which had been in use at Saltergate.

Outlining the need to replace the old covers, Liam said: “They never fitted the pitch so we made the decision that we needed up-to-date ones that fitted the pitch.

“Before we had four people pulling one sheet out. Now we’ve got one sheet the size of four old ones and two people can pull it out within minutes.

“It was a two-hour job to cover the pitch and now it’s a 20-minute job for two people.”

To watch a video featuring an interview with Liam and showing how easy it is to put the covers in place, please click on the ‘play’ button below: