Donations to fund live stream/stadium improvements

Donations received via a JustGiving page will be used to improve the live stream currently offered and improve the matchday experience for supporters when they are able to return to the stadium.

After an attack on the club’s website that disrupted some fans’ enjoyment of our first streaming match, those who purchased were offered a free stream for the following game.

Many had no issues and either paid again or were given the chance to make a charitable donation to the Chesterfield FC Community Trust.

Donations totalling nearly £4,500 were received by the Community Trust with more to come from potential gift aid.

Some of the money received will be used to purchase software and equipment to enhance the live stream in place for home fixtures with projects aimed at improving the stadium also funded by the fundraising initiative.

The live stream production is delivered by volunteers and media students, providing them with valuable experience.

The Trust is the owner of the football club and uses projects around the positive aspects of football to make a difference to the people of North Derbyshire. As this money has come from fans of the football club, it will be used for a project that achieves social outcomes connected to the club.

The Trust has projects around alternative education provision, traineeships for young people and adults recovering from addiction and mental health issues. There is also a significant volunteer programme with the Trust particularly based around exit strategies for project participants.

A new project called ‘The Stadium Squad’ will be established to enable participants and volunteers to engage in work that improves our facilities and the potential customer experience around the Technique Stadium. Those taking part will gain experience, qualifications and social connections.

The new project will be part of the Health and Wellbeing projects from the Trust. 

A new initiative which will provide fans with the opportunity to provide support to the club while also receiving a range of benefits will be announced soon.