Live stream report

Facts and figures received in a report on last Saturday’s live stream of the game against Maidenhead United reveal some interesting information.

Just over 1,000 sign-ups were received for the live stream, providing an estimated audience of around 2,500-3,000. This is based on the estimate that each stream will be watched by an average of around 2.5 people.

The most popular way of watching the stream was via a desktop PC. Just over half the people who signed-up were watching the action on their PC.

Mobile phones accounted for 26.8% of the views with 9.5% watching on their tablet.

The chart below provides a breakdown of the figures.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of viewers were watching in the UK, accounting for 96.3% of the total.

Of those watching overseas, the highest total was in the United States (26.3%) with France and India tied in second place.

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Spireites legend Phill Walker will be joining the Spireites+ team as the match summariser.