Norwegian Spireites

There are some supporters, who live a long distance away, who manage to visit the Technique Stadium just once or twice a season. Three Norwegian supporters travelled over to watch our two games against Halifax and King’s Lynn, plus a couple of other minor games ……..such as a visit to Old Trafford.

Alf Westin has followed the Spireites for 25 years; he’s also brought up his two sons Kasper (16) and Jesper (15) in the right way too.

Their journey for our festive fixtures sounded quite an effort when the club caught up with them. Alf explained “We live on the island of  Dønna, just south of the Arctic Circle.

“We  took a ferry  to the port of  Sandnessjøen, then a one-hour car journey to Mosjøen, where we took the train for five hours to Trondheim. Then it was a flight to Bergen before the second flight to Manchester, followed by train to Chesterfield.”

To add to the story it seems that, while waiting in their hotel room at the Casa, they only received the result of their PCR test at 2pm to allow them to end their isolation and stroll to the game!  

Jesper assured us it was all worth it. He said: “We are both Spireites crazy. We were mascots when we came over to a game in 2013 and the team we had then was just incredible. 

“There have been tough times but we are confident the good times will return, especially with this great side.”

The two boys, at their young age, play fourth level football for Sandnessjøen IL

Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be wearing the shirt rather than watching…