Update on current plans

With National League clubs poised to vote on whether to proceed with the league programme, an update has been provided on the plans currently in place.

Chief executive John Croot explained: “We are in favour of the season continuing and we will vote for that.

“Much work is being done by the club’s board and senior management team to ensure the necessary funding is in place, whatever the outcome.

“Our player recruitment strategy has been put in place to re-shape the squad and provide long-term savings.

“A small group of players who do not feature in the manager’s plans have now been placed on furlough. 

“This decision was taken in consultation with the PFA and there are other National League clubs who have furloughed players.

“The players in question will receive their full salary and we will continue to provide support to ensure that their mental well-being requirements are met during this time.

“Some of the players could have joined other clubs by now had it not been for the fact that the National League North and National League South fixture programmes have been suspended, leading to us to take this temporary measure.”