Update on Kabongo Tshimanga

Assistant-manager Danny Webb has provided an update on Kabongo Tshimanga following a serious injury suffered by the striker in Saturday’s game at Weymouth.

In an interview first heard on the club’s in-house radio station, 1866 Sport, Webb revealed that he and manager Paul Cook spoke to the player in a phone conversation on Wednesday afternoon.

Webb said: “Most importantly, he is in good spirits. Mentally, he’s okay and he’s as positive as he can be, so that’s the main thing.

“We were all worried about his wellbeing – his family, his agent and the football club have been really supportive, which is a must.”

With Kabby due to undergo surgery on Thursday, Webb gave an indication of the extent of the injury, saying: “It was a fracture of his leg and a dislocation of the ankle, which could therefore mean ligament damage. They won’t know until they operate.

“What’s important is that we all support ‘Kabbs’ and make sure that he’s ready for whenever he comes back. If it’s the end of the season, if it’s pre-season, we’re still going to have a hell of a player playing for us.”