“We’ve got to be on it”

Assistant manager Danny Webb believes that the Spireites need to match the performance with the result when Notts County provide the opposition at the Technique Stadium on Tuesday night.

Speaking to the media, he said: “We’ve got to be on it. They’re a good footballing team. Whether the pitch conditions allow them to play the way they want to play, we’ll see. We’re going to have to be on our game to get anything from it.

“We’re going to need it all tomorrow. We’re going to need a bit of luck. We’ve got to be on our game. We’ve got to defend well and attack well. Because anything less won’t do.

“I think tomorrow will be a different kind of game [in comparison to Yeovil]. Big crowd, local derby. We’ve got to make sure the performance matches the result.

“It’s a massive game but it is no bigger than Saturday. We’ve got to make sure that we back up Saturday’s result on Tuesday.”

Chesterfield have suffered multiple injuries throughout the season and are embroiled in yet another paper-thin squad heading into an important part of this season.

Webb believes that the team can take previous experience into this tough period and continue to jump the hurdles presented in front of them.

“I think the benefits are that we have been through it this season,” Webb said. “It’s not new to the players in the dressing room or the fans. We’ve been through it together.

“We’ve got an experienced manager who has probably been in this position before. He’ll manage us the right way in this time.

“There are times where it’s not going to be particularly pretty but to win leagues or be successful, you’ve got to overcome so many hurdles.”

Jak McCourt is currently one of the players on the injured list and Webb gave an update on the midfielder’s condition after his results came back.

He said: “We’ve got the results back and he’s ruptured lots of stuff which is not good for the lad. The gaffer has given him a little bit of time off to gather his thoughts.

“He was really flying, and our thoughts are with him. Sadly, it’s another one and it will be a while. We don’t know if it will be a season job, but it will certainly be a few weeks.”