Spire Lotto winner boosted by jackpot haul

The Spire Lotto jackpot was recently won by Angie Walker when it stood at a whopping £9,500!

Angie was shocked when she heard that she had landed the cash windfall and explained why it was a particularly timely surprise.

In an interview with 1866 Sport, she said: “Well at first, I thought I misheard the amount. I was absolutely devastatingly blown away if I’m honest because I’ve not been very well recently.

“I was on my first day after having a bout of chemotherapy – feeling not particularly good. It was just the tonic I needed to give me a little bit of a boost.”

Angie also described what she is going to do with the money, saying: “I’ve got two daughters and I’ve already given them a little treat to go on a little holiday or something.

“With the timing of it all, I would like to make some sort of a donation to cancer research, or I’ve had a lot of support from Macmillan and Weston Park.

“So, I feel, a donation of some sort will be in the offing. After that we’ll see; I would like to do some work in the garden. I think Dave, my husband, has got a few ideas.”

Angie’s husband, Dave, chimed in with his suggestion for what the money could be spent on – agreeing that the garden needed a bit of love showing to it.

He said: “We both enjoy the garden, especially at this time of year. If we can make a few improvements there, then that would be good.”

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