Academy’s pre-season tour of Scotland – day five

Day five saw another day at our training base of Stirling University. Both our U17s and U18s squads had a double session of pitch work, track work and various tests in the Exclusive High Performance Suite.

Our U19s were back in action and looking for their fourth win of the tour as they faced Scottish U20 2022/23 League champions Dunipace FC at Westfield Park. 

Our CFCA pre-academy and youth team girls teams also make the journey to Scotland to join the pre-season tour. 

Yesterday saw a preparation match for the girls squad take place at home, as they took on AFC Sunderland which finished in a 2-2 draw.

Also travelling up to Scotland, today is our CFCA Junior Academy sides from U10s to U16s ahead of the 2022 Edinburgh Cup.

Featured Game:

Dunipace FC FC  0 – 2 Chesterfield FC U19s 
Venue: Westfield Park, Dunipace

Game four of the tour for the U19s saw them come up against last season’s U20 league champions Dunipace FC.

With seven of their squad moving onto semi professional football in Scotland, the home side fielded a newly formed side for the season as they look to retain the U20 league title.

After an even start from both sides, it was Callum Fletcher who headed home from a corner from Alex Bennett on 32 minutes to score his second goal of the tour and open the score for the young Spireites.

The young Spireites went into the break with the lead and made 11 changes to use the full 22-man squad for the fixture.

The second half saw the entertaining game continue as the away team pushed on to find the second goal.

This arrived on 78 minutes after a superb through ball from Ross found Zander Duhameau who finished with a left-foot drive across the keeper to seal the fourth pre-season victory of the tour for the U19s. 

Day six sees a rest day for the youth team squad before they take on Stenhousemuir FC on Friday night with U17s and U18s fixtures.

Pre-season Tour Results 
U17s Results 
Won: 3Drawn: 0Lost: 0Goals for: 7Goals Against: 4
U17s 3 – 2 Hearts FC – WScorers: Wood, Morgan, Pekin 
U17s 3 – 2 Dundee FC – WScorers: Millor, Simmonite, Kalinins 
U17s 1-0 Falkirk FC – WScorer: Thompson 
U18s Results 
Won: 1Drawn: 1Lost: 1Goals For: 5Goals Against: 5
U18s 1 – 1 Dundee FC – DScorer: Torres 
U18s 1-3 Hibernians FC – LScorer: Torres 
U18s 3 – 1 Falkirk FC – W Scorers: Moss, Hooper, Torres 
U19s Results 
Won: 4Drawn: 0Lost: 0Goals For: 11Goals Against: 1 
U19s 2 – 1 Autherlie FC – W Scorers: Fletcher, Wells 
U19s 3 – 0 Renfrew FC – WScorers: Burdett, Greirson, B Morgan 
U19s 4 – 0 Stirling Albion – WScorers: Simmonite (2), Harris, Wells 
U19s 2 – 0 Dunipace FC – WScorers: Fletcher, Duhameau 
Scotland Tour Results
Won: 8Drawn: 1Lost: 1 Goals For: 24 Goals Against: 10 
Pre-season Tour – 
Top Scorer Chart (After Day Four) 
(1) Torres, Simmonite – 3 Goals 
(2) Wells, Fletcher – 2 Goals 
(3) Mellor, Kalinins, Wood, Morgan. Pekin, Wells, Burdett, Greirson, B Morgan, Thompson, Moss, Hooper, Harris, Duhameau – 1 Goal 

Goals Scored and Conceded (after day five)
Scored 24 goals in 10 games (average 2.4 goals a game) 
Conceded 10 goals in 10 games (average one goal a game)