Annual accounts for CFC 2001 Ltd

The annual report and accounts for CFC 2001 Ltd are being posted to all Chesterfield FC shareholders.

The letter accompanying the accounts gives details of the share issue agreed at the AGM. This rights issue is intended to allow Ashley Kirk and Phil Kirk to take control of the football club from the Community Trust. Although this issue allows all shareholders to purchase four-pence Ordinary B shares, for most this will make no difference to their part-ownership of the club.

Shareholders’ status will not change whether they buy extra shares or not. The issue is a vehicle to potentially allow the change of ownership.

In the letter are details of the number of shares and procedures for transferring funds to obtain further shares, including a unique reference for the bank transfer. Payment for shares must be made by May 31.

The letter also gives the wording for a change to the company’s articles that is required when the club joins the Football League. This resolution will be agreed when the majority shareholder accepts it, but all shareholders can vote on the matter.

If there are any issues with this, particularly around shareholder details or the number of shares, please contact Peter Whiteley via [email protected].