Defender provides an update

Spireites defender Tyrone Williams has given his thoughts on various topics including his summer, his personal goals for the next campaign, the new lads and much more.

How has your summer been so far?

It’s been so good; I’ve managed to spend more time with my family which I obviously don’t get as much time to do when the football season is on, so that’s been amazing. I’ve been able to help my partner out a lot more with the little one and I’ve been able to watch her grow and see her doing new things every day. It’s been a great summer; I’ve loved being with my family.

Reflecting on last season, has it really sunk in yet?

Last season was just unreal, it was so good. It has sunk in. In moments, I have flashbacks to certain parts of the season and whether it be from pre-season or winning the title. It was a great season and I enjoyed every minute of it. The whole of it was great, from defending, the lads, the winning moments, all of it. It was absolutely fantastic. To be part of that changing room really was something special and I’m so grateful for it. To lift that trophy and play a big part in it was something that will stick with me forever.

Looking forwards, then, how much are you looking forward to next season?

I’ve never played in the EFL before but I’ve competed against League Two/One sides so I know I’m more than capable of doing so. So, I am very excited; I can’t wait for it to get going again. I am looking forward to competing against Football League sides every week. It’s an exciting time for every player and for the club.

More than 5,000 season tickets have been sold – what are your thoughts on this?

There’s no doubt about it, it’s an incredible number to sell. I’m not shocked; the fans turn up every week and back the club through thick and thin. We as players really appreciate the supporters and last season, they really helped us through tough moments and helped us in the good times too. The supporters are class, no doubt about it.

What are your personal goals for next season?

It’s really simple for me this one, I just want to play as many games as I possibly can and win as many games as I possibly can. I want to be part of a winning side.

What are your thoughts about meeting the new lads?

It’s always good to meet the new lads, I’m looking forward to it. I think it will be good to get them into the dressing room and get them on board with what I hope is going to be another successful season.