Exclusive online auction

The exclusive online auction has been updated, showing the latest highest bids.

Take a look at the lots in the catalogue below by clicking on the arrows at either side to go forwards and backwards. 

The latest highest bids are shown below the catalogue. To submit a bid, please email [email protected]. Bidding closes at 7.30pm on Sunday.

Lot 1: Presentation from Record-breaking Match  

Current Highest Bid: £80

Lot 2: Signed FA Cup Semi-final Canvas

Current Highest Bid: £125

Lot 3: Signed Chelsea FA Cup Presentation

Minimum Bid: £250

Lot 4: Round of Golf with a Player 

Current Highest Bid: £250 (for two people) 

Lot 5: Photograph with a Player 

Minimum Bid: £110

Lot 6: Participation in pre-match Press Conference

Minimum Bid: £50

Lot 7: Press Box Experience

Current Highest Bid: £85 (for two people) 

Lot 8: Inclusion in Player Podcast

Minimum Bid: £75

Lot 9: Letter from Stadium Signage

Current Highest Bid: £125   

Lot 10: Training Ground Visit

Current Highest Bid: £240 (for two people)  

Lot 11: Matchday Boardroom Experience

Current Highest Bid: £250 (for two people)

Lot 12: Exclusive Boardroom Dinner with Paul Cook

Current Highest Bid: £1,500 (for 20 people)