Information re flags/banners & musical instruments at Wembley Stadium

The following information is provided re the use of flags, banners and musical instruments at Wembley Stadium…

Guests may bring a flag into the ground without permission from Wembley Stadium providing the following guidelines be followed:
• The flag is smaller than 250cm in size at the widest or longest point (or smaller than 200cm
x 100cm if you are seated on Level 5 of the stadium).
• The flag does not have an attached flagpole.
• In the case of an attached flagpole, it is made from wood or plastic only and is no longer
than 1m in length and 1cm in diameter.
• There is no advertising or commercial message on the flag.
• The flag does not contain any abusive or defamatory language/messages.
Any supporters wishing to take flag(s) larger than 250cm (at is widest point) to Wembley Stadium must obtain prior permission. Please contact and
complete the form to request permission. Anyone wishing to gain entry to Wembley Stadium carrying flag(s) larger than 250cm (or 200cm x 100cm on Level 5) without prior permission will not be permitted entry.

Permission must be sought from Wembley Stadium before any flag or large banner, designed to pass over people’s heads and across the stand, is brought into the Stadium on match day.
In such cases the flag / banner must be flame retardant (please see specific requirements later in this section) and the Organiser wishing to bring the flag to an event will need to provide WNSL with the
appropriate Health and Safety and Fire Safety Certificates.
Crowd flags / banners can only be operated in Level 1 of the Stadium, experience shows that crowd surfing flags only work behind the goals travelling from the Front of the stand to the rear of the stand and back down to pitchside. Operating in blocks 109-114 in the East stand and blocks 131-136 in the West Stand. Use of these banners will not be permitted in Level 2, 3, 4 or 5, and banners cannot be dropped or hung between the stadium tiers.
In order to manage the flag / banner successfully, Wembley Stadium will provide one chargeable teamnleader to ensure that it runs safely and the Club will need to supply a minimum of 10 members of staff
/ volunteers who have previous experience of deploying a crowd surfing to manage the deployment and collection of the flag / banner. The cost of the team leader is £500.00 to be paid for by the Club /Event Owner. Post use, the flag / banner will be returned to the supporter or club as agreed in advance of event day. Further information including requirements of the volunteers will be sent to the club once confirmed.
The following information must be passed on to any supporter who wishes to seek permission from Wembley BEFORE purchasing a large flag:
• The Supporter / Club will be responsible for the delivery and collection of the crowd banner to the stadium.
• A valid fire-retardant certificate is required to be sent to Wembley Stadium a minimum of 14 days before the event and brought with the flag on the day of the event before entry into the Stadium is permitted. Please see specific requirements later in this section.
• The Event Owner must approve any commercial branding on the flag
• Crowd banners should not include any handles or eyelets
• A picture / mock-up / photo of the flag / banner will need to be sent to Wembley 14 days prior to event day
Please note that Wembley Stadium reserves the right to confiscate flags or banners if they are believed to be in breach of any of the above conditions or alternatively poses a potential health and safety risk.
Confiscation is also possible if the flag or banner contains any discriminatory or inflammatory message.
It is the Stadium’s experience that larger flags travel across the crowd better and are easier to manage than smaller flags. We will only allow flags to travel from the front of the stand to the rear of the stand.
This is because the direction of travel cannot be controlled by individual supporters. It is therefore recommended that crowd surfing flags are no smaller than 12m x 12m in size, with flags as large as 30m x 20m operating successfully in the past. Supporters must contact their respective Club to request a Large Banner / Crowd Flag to be in use for any event at Wembley Stadium. If in agreement with the request, it is then the responsibility of the Club to liaise with Wembley and the Event Owner to seekapproval.

If Clubs wish to operate a banner from the front tier of level 5, the following conditions apply:
• A valid fire retardant certificate is required to be sent to the Wembley & the Event Owner 14 days before the event and brought with the banner on the day of the event before entry into the Stadium is permitted (please see specific requirements later in this section). The banners won’t be permitted entry through the turnstiles and an alternative delivery method will be agreed in advance.
• The banners must be a maximum of 35m in length and 3m depth as a single piece.
• The banners must be operated by a WNSL approved company with all relevant RAMS supplied to WNSL / Event Owner a minimum of 14 days of the event.
• The team / club must provide a minimum of four staff members for each banner in order to successfully derig the product.
• A demonstration of the deployment procedure and respective removal of the banner will take place on MD-1/MD with sign off required from the Wembley Stadium Event Health & Safety Team.
• Deployment and removal times must be agreed in advance with Wembley Stadium.
• Due to the configuration of the stadium these banners can’t remain in position during the event due to commercial obligations and due to sightlines of the tiers below.

Any fan engagement products that are proposed to be brought into Wembley Stadium must be noncombustible, inherently non-flammable or durably flame-proofed. Any product that doesn’t conform to these requirements will be refused.
Proof must be provided to demonstrate the suitability, in the form of valid certification in advance of an event. American certification is not acceptable and any European certification must be translated
by an approved source.
When testing fabric materials, they should comply with:
• British Standard 5438 ‘method of test for flammability of textile fabrics’ and should then meet
British Standard 5867 Part 2 1980 ‘specifications for fabrics for curtains and drapes’ to be deemed acceptable
• European standards – shall comply with DIN 4102 – Part 1 (1998) and should provide a standard of B1 (German Standard) and NFP 92- 503/504/505 and should provide a standard of M1 (French Standard)
Where banners or flags are proposed, the accompanying certificate could be deemed acceptable provided it contains the correct description of the material, was tested to the correct UK or European
test, a suitable conclusion is present and the test date should have been within one year of its proposed use for non-durably items.
In connection with surface spread of flame, any material should be made or treated to class 0 or 1, in accordance with British Standard 476 – 7 – surface spread of flame.

If Clubs learn that a supporter wishes to bring a musical instrument into the Stadium, the Club must co-ordinate the application to WNSL to apply for clearance. The Club should take full details of the
player, instrument, contact details for the player and a picture of the instrument. The Club musthave knowledge of the player and he/she should be a regular attendee of your Club games. The Club
should be happy for this individual to represent the Club. The Club should then make a request to WNSL.
No instruments are permitted on level 5 or within boxes. Ideally the player of the instrument should be situated in the middle