“It’s going to be a good game”

Assistant manager Danny Webb spoke with the media ahead of Saturday’s away fixture at Kidderminster Harriers.

He began by giving his reaction to Bailey Hobson’s loan being extended until January 2.

He said: “There’s small print within the loan, he could come back before that.

“He won’t be playing tomorrow but he’s been fantastic over there.

“He’s slotted straight into their team and we feel it’s the best for both parties as it gives him and us the best opportunity for him to come back and play for us.

“He loves playing football, he wants to play and right now we came to the decision that it’s best for all of us that he stays there.

“He’s developing and playing some good stuff.

“It doesn’t mean he’s not in our plans though, that’s the point in these loans; get players fit and playing games.

“The plans as things stand is to do the same with Bailey Clements, too, he’s been fantastic over there and it probably makes sense for him to stay out there playing games.”

He also touched on team news ahead of the fixture.

“Harry Tyrer is back in full training ahead of the fixture,” he said.

“It’s a tough decision for the manager, two top goalkeepers ready to play.

“We’re not too sure ourselves yet but a decision will be made today. It’s a fantastic headache to have, really.

“Both Boot and Tyrer are great goalkeepers who will both aspire to play in the Football League, so it’s a real tough one for us.

“Joe [Quigley] is out for another couple of weeks, he’s got a boot on at the minute which makes it look worse than it is – that’s to stabilise the ankle.

“Everyone else has come through the last game okay.”

Finally, Webb touched on the opposition on Saturday.

He said: “They’re a good side, they have so many threats.

“They’re strong from set-pieces and have some big, physical lads. It’s going to be a good game.

“We’ll be favourites again and we’ve got to turn up to town and come home with all three points.

“I say the same each week but it’s true, we focus on ourselves.”

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Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/uCoIpAk-Wqk