Memorial Garden celebration event

The annual Memorial Garden celebration will be held the night before the first home match of the season, as is the tradition. 

The event on Friday evening will remember all the players, officials and fans from the club who we have lost since the previous ceremony. This year we will be celebrating those lost over two seasons as the pandemic prevented an event last year.

Each summer the names of our Football league players who are no longer with us will be added to the Players’ Wall. These will include Jordan Sinnott, John Ridley, Tony Hallam and Len Badger. Of course, also added there will be club legend Ernie Moss and his image will also be added to the Wall of Fame.

Names of fans will also be remembered including those with plaques added in the last two years. However, the list of those remembered is not restricted to those on plaques or with ashes in the Garden. All who were featured on the screen at the Dagenham and Redbridge match will be included but if there are others, please let Peter Whiteley know via email: [email protected]

The celebration will be at the Memorial Garden – at the rear of the Technique Stadium – on Friday, starting at 7pm and all are welcome. The café in the HUB will be open before and after the event.