Trophy on Tour: Chesterfield Care Group

The National League Trophy recently paid a visit to Chesterfield Care Group as part of the Trophy on Tour, in association with Chesterfield College.

Chesterfield Care Group provide social groups for isolated adults and those living with a diagnosis of dementia in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

The organisation’s marketing and promotions co-ordinator, Jonathan Davies, said: “Football is a great talking point. We have had so many service users with a great passion for Chesterfield FC and we will often reminisce about former players and teams.

“We could probably field a team of ex-professional footballers from the current and former Chesterfield Care Group service users. We have had players from Chesterfield FC as well as Sheffield United, Everton and Tottenham all attending our different social groups and walking groups.

“It is great to bring everyone together and have the trophy here for some of the Spireites who aren’t able to attend as many games anymore and celebrate the feel-good factor around Chesterfield.”