Trophy’s appearance at Ashgate Hospice raises morale

The National League Trophy’s appearance at Ashgate Hospice last week has been credited with raising morale among patients and staff.

As part of the Trophy on Tour – sponsored by Chesterfield College – which will see the silverware taken to various venues in the area, a visit was made to the hospice where patients and staff had photos taken with it. 

Sarah Kerry, day services manager at the hospice, gave her reaction to the visit. She said: “It lifts everybody’s spirits. We told people it was coming and they’ve come specially to see it.

“Obviously not everyone’s a Chesterfield supporter as such but it just brings the town together and for those that are Chesterfield fans, it’s a really big thing for them.”

Sarah praised the impact made by the club and the Community Trust, pointing out how important the link-up is to the hospice.

“Every time they come in the mood is fantastic,” she said. “When the team and the players come around Christmas time, it’s one of the highlights of the year. 

“The relationship that we’ve got with Chesterfield is fantastic. We’re a small town but we’ve got a really big heart and I think that shows in the club and the hospice. It’s a really, really lovely relationship to keep.”