Update of records ahead of AGM

With the Annual General Meeting of Chesterfield FC to be held shortly, it is important to make any updates to the shareholders’ register.

Each of the 1,198 people and businesses who hold shares in CFC 2001 Ltd are able to attend the AGM that will be held in person at the Technique Stadium. Notification of the meeting will be issued on this website. A copy of the annual accounts and notes for the meeting will also be sent to the address of every shareholder.

Of course, with that number of records, there will be some changes of address; it is also likely that some shareholders will no longer be with us.

If you are a shareholder and have moved address recently, or you did not get the papers last year, then please let Peter Whiteley know by emailing [email protected]. Should you be responsible for the affairs of any shareholders who have passed away, please inform Peter which name to transfer the shares to.