Formal Resolutions and proposed Articles of Association for AGM

Attached at the foot of the page are the formal resolutions and proposed Articles of Association for the AGM of the Club to be held on March 13, 2024 at 7.30pm at the SMH Group Stadium..

The AGM will also consider and the directors will take questions on the draft financial statements of the club for the year ended June 30, 2023. These accounts will be published in draft unaudited form next week and are expected to be tabled and signed at a board meeting to be held shortly after the results of the AGM votes are known.

The resolutions relate to a further potential investment by the Kirk brothers of up to £2million. The resolutions have been approved and are proposed by the board but are to be considered by the CFC Community Trust next week. If approved by the Trust and the AGM, the resolutions will result in a change of control with the Kirk brothers owning over 75% of the club. Any change of control would also be subject to the approval of debt holders and regulatory authorities.

We look forward to commenting further next week after this matter has been formally considered by the Trust.

The proposals will also be further explained and discussed at the AGM after which other supporters who are shareholders will also be able to buy further shares.

In the meantime, fans and employees should be reassured that if the proposals are approved, the club’s future would be secured and no significant change is planned.

CFC 2001 Ltd – Notice of GM Resolutions 130324

Chesterfield – Articles of Association 290224